Glucose Health, Inc. Amazon Sales for June Increase 1,284% YOY With more than 7,000 containers of GLUCODOWN® sold at Amazon in the 2nd quarter, Amazon is sold out of all GLUCODOWN® inventory entirely as of today July 8, 2020. However, shipments in the many thousands of containers of all four flavors left the GLUCODOWN® Arkansas logistics facility destined for Amazon during the month of June, and product availability at Amazon is expected to return next week. Additionally, Glucose Health, Inc. completed production of the new TV commercial specifically for business channels such as CNBC, announced by press release on June 17, 2020. The new TV commercial features a special ending displaying the ticker symbol "GLUC" and is conceived to appeal to potential GLUCODOWN® customers and investors – simultaneously. The new ad can be viewed at commercials July 8th, 2020 AMAZON SALES INCREASE 1048% AS NEW GLUCODOWN® by GLUCOSE HEALTH, INC. TV CAMPAIGN to LAUNCH on CNBC, BLOOMBERG & FOX BUS... Today, Glucose Health, Inc. also announced the start of production of a new TV advertising campaign featuring the GLUCODOWN® TV commercial – but with a special ending calling attention to Glucose Health, Inc. as the manufacturer of GLUCODOWN® and prominently featuring the ticker symbol "GLUC".  The new TV ad is conceived to appeal to potential GLUCODOWN® customers and investors – simultaneously – and will air on the nation's three most watched business and investing networks, CNBC, BLOOMBERG and FOX BUSINESS.  Previously, on May 13, 2020, Glucose Health, Inc. advised by press release, that TV advertising of GLUCODOWN® was expanding to DISH and DIRECT TV, for the first time. Expansion to DISH and DIRECT TV brought the GLUCODOWN® brand to a total potential audience of 35 million households that had never before seen GLUCODOWN®. June 17th, 2020 Glucose Health, Inc. Reports Record Sales Of GLUCODOWN® And New Advertising Campaign On Dish & Direct TV 2020 April sales of GlucoDown  were up 318% compared to 2019  which followed a 161% increase in March. May 13th, 2020 GLUCOSE HEALTH, INC. FISCAL 2019 & Q1 2020 FINANCIAL RESULTS GLUCODOWN® sales at Walmart increased 28% year-over-year, fiscal 2019 vs. 2018 and GLUCODOWN® sales at Amazon increased 224% year-over-year, fiscal 2019 vs. 2018. April 22, 2020 Special Nutritional Fiber Gaining Momentum Among Diabetic Population GLUCODOWN® Diabetic Friendly Tea Mix is among the first products to reach retailer shelves utilizing an innovative dietary fiber developed by the Matsutani company of Japan and Archer Daniels Midland Co. April 8, 2020 Long time Coca-Cola System Executive Hal Kravitz Joins Glucose Health, Inc. July 24,2019 Celsius Holdings, Inc. Former CEO Gerry David Joins Glucose Health, Inc. June 4, 2019 Glucose Health, Inc. Raises $460,000 from Angel Investors; Eliminates Dilutive Convertible Debt Security, Benefiting All Shareholders GlobeNewswire 5/6/19  US Patent Office Awards GLUCODOWN® Trademark For Expanded Distribution Of New Diabetic Tea Flavors     Press Release | 02/25/2019
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GLUCODOWN Expands Distribution Into CVS Pharmacies.
GLUCODOWN® – America’s premier diabetic nutritional beverage – will be available at CVS pharmacies beginning this summer.  In keeping with CVS’s long-standing commitment to improving the health and well- being of its diabetic and pre- diabetic customers, CVS is updating and expanding the diabetic care section at many of its pharmacies.  The expanded section will feature a specially curated selection of the finest products serving diabetic and pre-diabetic persons. All four nutritious and delicious GLUCODOWN® flavors – Peach, Lemon, Raspberry and Super Berry – will be stocked in CVS’s expanded diabetic care section
Glucose Health, Inc. is the manufacturer of GlucoDown nutritional beverage supplements. GlucoDown Iced Tea, Cappuccino and Horchata (traditional drink of Mexico) mixes are enriched with macronutrients and micronutrients which clinical data indicates, may help maintain healthy blood sugar, triglyceride and cholesterol levels, plus regular digestive health. GlucoDown products are available in-store at Walmart pharmacies nationwide, and Amazon.
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Make the commitment to a better future by living healthier today with GlucoDown®. A daily commitment to even a modestly more active lifestyle, better nutrition and normal body weight and composition, is key to maintaining healthy blood sugar, triglycerides, cholesterol and regular digestive health. The special soluble fiber in the GlucoDown® formula may help slow your body's absorption of dietary sugars; moderate after-meal increases in glucose levels and maintain regular digestive health. The GlucoDown® formula also includes vitamins, minerals and the plant extract Banaba Leaf.
The GLUC Report : Market insight into Glucose Health Inc.  (OTC: GLUC)
This Company Has Recently Achieved Incredible Sales Growth Topping More Than 1,000% on Internet Retail Giant Amazon
It isn’t often that you see headline news of record sales on Amazon that exceed 1,000 percent for a relatively new and unfamiliar consumer product. But that is exactly what is happening for one small company, who’s revolutionary and innovative diabetic products continue to experience tremendous demand from consumers. This company now has everything that it needs to make it an extremely attractive candidate for micro-cap investing.
Finding Life After Celsius: Here's How We Are Investing In The Hottest New Functional Beverage Trend With Glucose Health, Inc.
The Functional Beverage category has experienced tremendous growth over the past 10 years. The underlying macro-trends of obesity and Type-2 diabetes create a unique investment opportunity for long-term investors to capitalize on this growing global epidemic. Glucose Health, Inc. offers investors a "pure play" in the sense that its revenue stream comes entirely from sales of its Glucodown products. Recent increases in monthly sales through Amazon in June & July 2020 showed increases of 1,048% and 1,284% respectively. The company's Q2 revenues were up 186% year-over-year. The signing of a nationwide distribution contract with CVS Health, along with placement in long-time partner Walmart's 1,800 pharmacies, gives GLUC a solid base from which to continue to build and grow.